Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Giving up Grey's

Last week I watched the Grey's Anatomy season premiere with anticipation, albeit on Saturday morning instead of Thursday night. I was watching some of the Office on Thursday and at Caribou for the rest with my friend Elzbieta. There was live music there, by the way. It was an older gentleman playing saxaphone.

It was baby N's first exposure to the sax, and he seemed to like it well enough.
Hearing it brought back memories of junior high when I played my Grandma's silver sax for "my instrument." I remember the day when each of us students was called to the music individually, so that the 2 music teachers could help you select "your instrument." I guess it was mandatory to play something for a year at least, after having the year or two of the "recorder" the silly little beige plastic thing that could make wonderful squawking sounds when played by an early learner.

Anyway, back to Grey's. So, I watched it, and I watched my sleeping baby more. I realized that it had lost its luster for me. There's something about women liking women in that way, or all the promiscuity that makes me drop watching a show. I didn't like Will and Grace for the same reason. So, there's my rant. I also gave up "Three and a Half Men" since I got sick of the glorified promiscuity. I just don't need to be watching those kinds of things, when I have the best thing already. The endless baby show. I watched my belly hop around from here to there as he did somersaults in utero, and now having been pushed out into the big world, I still savor every moment of watching him. Whether he's sleeping with his little sleep smiles and squinty faces, or awake smiling, cooing, laughing or saying "ma" and "mom" it all is so much more enjoyable and special than any tv shows.

Got to go, the baby is crying for his milky.

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Knittymama said...

Funnt, I've been the same way about TV since Ive had kids. Same thing for violent shows. I hardly watch anything anymore. I'm usually too tired or putting kids to bed anyway:-)