Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ear infection number one

He hasn't even been fussy, but I took him in to the DR.'s to have his lungs listened to. They're fine, but he has an ear infection. I had to give my baby medicine tonight- amoxicillin. He didn't like it and spit most of it out. It makes him smell like medicine. I can't wait till he can smell like my baby. I can see why people shouldn't touch wild baby animals, since their mom rejects them when they smell like humans. I want Noah to smell like Noah. Of course I have a super-sniffer so I'm sure I'm the only one who notices.

Note to everyone- stay away from my baby if your nose is running or you have a cough! This goes for kids and adults.

This will be a fun next 9 days while the medicine needs to run its course. And DH was home sick today.

In knitting news- things on the needles are:
  • blue aran-style mongram cable sweater for baby
  • sock 3 of the toe-ups to replace the lost one
  • tulip toes
  • versatility
These are just the active needles-
inactive projects are:
  • monkey
  • monkey socks from Cookie A.
  • a felted fish
  • bird toy from berrocco site
  • bulky acrylic little girl sweater
I think that sums it up, but what knitter doesn't have lurking UFO's?


April said...

Sorry to hear about Noah's ear infection. Hopefully the antibiotics work quickly and you have a happy baby soon. Nick had amoxi when he was a baby and I could smell it too. My husband thought I was weird because he couldn't smell anything. I too have a super-sniffer.

Kate Teece said...

Aw, man! Here you go... ear infections are all too common. He'll be OK. :)