Tuesday, October 07, 2008

a sad knitting story, grab the kleenexes

You know I have been knitting right? That's how I LOST my sock. I lost sock number one when I was 1/2 an inch away from completing sock number two. I called countless places to see if it had been found, and drove and walked around looking for the sock. I even prayed for the sock to miraculously appear, or for divine intervention to give me wisdom to find the sock. Like Mark Driscoll the Mars Hill pastor says, "God always answers pray with a yes, no or maybe."

I didn't find the sock. It was completely done, the tails even woven in ( a chore I dread). Good news is that Three Kittens Needle Arts (which is now cool and in the new part of Mendota Heights) said they had 1 skein. Just right for me. I got there and they found another skein. Then I found another on the shelf and bought 3 skeins of sock yarn- to knit 2 pairs of sock. Go figure. What a knitting tragedy. I haven't been motivated to finish the second sock since the wind went out of my sails but tomorrow at SnB Noah permitting, I will finish the cast off and weave in the tails and sock 2 will be done. Then all I have to do is cast on number one. Again.

Have any other knitters had this happen to them? Any tips for prevention? Other than not dragging my knitting everywhere I go. I thought about safety pinning the socks to each other, or keeping one at home in a safe place, and writing down the knitting measurements on the pattern so I don't have to compare the second sock to the first to complete it. Blah. I really don't want to cast on another toe-up all stockinette sock.

I guess I can be happy I found the yarn to make another one after calling 4 local yarn stores, and that it was at the store closest to my house. And that it was Regia instead of some luscious handpainted merino yarn like some others I have stashed. Not that Regia is bad, it's good since I can wash this kind and it is full of pretty spring colors like spring green and pink and blue. The irony is that I told DH I wanted 2 more skeins of it, since I wanted to knit another pair of socks from it. That was before the loss. Now I get to knit 1.5 pairs.

I decided that my sock is not actually lost, but a really grateful woman with one leg and a passion for colorful handknit socks found it, and is wearing it with pride. I'm right, right?

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April said...

Sorry about the sock. I have found that the best way to find a missing item is to buy/make a replacement. Then they tend to show up in a day or two.