Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baby's first, and second cold

Baby's first, and second cold
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He has a cold again. I feel like we just got him- he shouldn't have another
cold already! It seems like he just got over the last cold. Here's a pic of
him with his first cold. He looks so sad, having to sleep with a stuffy
nose. This time he is still congested a bit and has a cough like an old man
at times. Poor baby.

It's 5am now and he wasn't ready to go back to sleep, so here we are. He is
in his Kick n' Play bouncer, and I am at the keyboard. At least he's in
slow-motion as he plays. He must be tired, right?

Did I mention that he shared his cold with me? In the middle of the night on
Saturday I started to feel icky. I slept all day Sunday and had a terrible
headache. Today was much improved, but a good night's sleep would have been
nice still.

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