Thursday, June 18, 2009

Planning a birthday party

Planning a birthday party
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Noah has been practicing using a spoon, and he gets it to his mouth each
time. Once he's nearing the end of eating however he rubs food into his
hair, right behind his ears. It doesn't matter how often I wash his hair in
the tub we are pretty much guaranteed that his hair will be dirty the next
time he eats.

He's also becoming a climber. He stood on top of a rounded toy the other day
and reached his teething medicine from the top of the changing table. This
morning he grabbed ahold of the tub faucet handle and pulled till his feet
were off the ground and he was leaning against the tub.

He likes toilet paper too. He's really good at unrolling it quite rapidly. I
don't know how he does it. At least I am finding a way to still take a
morning shower! I just put some books in the bathroom (which he does look
at) and check on him periodically by looking over the top of the shower

Another thing he does is share. He hands us a ball, scrap of paper, or piece
of fuzz he found and smiles as we take it from him and say thankyou. He even
talks back and makes some type of sounds when we give it back. It's a game
that can go on for several minutes.

Birthday boy- Saturday will be his party in a city park. We rented a picnic
shelter at a really nice park with a playground, paved trails, and a disc
golf course. To top that, it's an eco-friendly birthday party and we
specified to not bring a gift, but bring food for the food shelf. I figure
he has plenty of time for gifts for his other birthday, and we don't need a
bunch of things to fill our house. Plus, he seems to think non-toys are
often better than toys. That's my boy!

We are using sheets for tablecloths, special biodegradable plates from
Linden Hills Co-op, and having cloth treat bags and art projects using
materials from ArtScraps in St. Paul.

I will have to make some art project mock-ups tonight and post them later.
We will be making crowns, planters, and decorating frames.


Cris said...

What a cute baby! My son also practices to eat by himself now so I can totally relate! But most of the time he just like to play with it. I just let him be, at least he'll learn the fun way. A picnic is a great place to hold your party. He'll have a big space to walk and run around. Good Luck and Hope you have fun!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see the art project mock ups :-) Btw, on campus we use biodegradable plastic silverware that is made from corn. You are probably using the real stuff and washing it, what a concept. Way to go green!

Kate said...

Man, the party sounds awesome! I'm so sorry to miss it. Happy Birthday Noah!!