Thursday, May 28, 2009

fav blog, da!, and parks and recreation?

I have a new favorite blog, I could spend all day there and never get bored, it's
It's a artsy diy blog that is comprised of great links other crafty and creative people have found then sent the link in to the blog. You can make everything from dresses, to Zeepuls, to a tea folder for packets of tea on the go, and today they had a post for a really cool wall calendar to organize your families goals and activities.

da! is Noah's name for pretty much everything. It is especially his word for "dog", but it applies to anything and everything at all times. Though he does occasionally say "Mom" and mamamama, and vavavavava.

Brings me to Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler's new, may I say, hit tv show. And it also brings us to our social calendar tonight featuring an engaging "discussion" at our city's council regional meeting. We went to our first such public meeting, and it was indeed reminiscent of those shown on Parks and Recreation. I kept thinking of when Amy said, "What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me." in reference to the citizens yelling at her throughout her first meeting. This meeting was heated, and I considered removing my son from the tension since he can be sensitive to that kind of atmosphere, but we stuck it out. I thought it funny that there was free cookies, and coffee as if to placate us all before the event. The cool thing was that there were "beanie babies for the kids" according to the friendly Police chief there. Noah was the only kid there so he chose between a greay seal and a green dog. He picked the seal first, then the dog. So the dog one came home with us.

As the meeting got underway and people were caring loudly around us Dh tried to entertain our son. At one point it was my turn to busy him and we looked out the window of the park and saw a Da! cried Noah loudly. We turned our back to the group and even raised the shade of the wooden window blinds and watched a deer wander through the park . All the while Noah yelled and pointed, Da! Da! Da! Da! It was the highlight of the meeting for me. Shortly after that it was time to leave for Noah's bedtime, so we all left our first city meeting. Talk about socialization for a baby! and for us, too.

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