Tuesday, May 05, 2009

rainy rain day equals May flowers

It's been raining off and on. Good for our rain garden, bad for the gardener who wants to play in the dirt. It has meant flowers for us, whenever I come back from somewhere I slowly crawl up the driveway in my car and count the flowers. Saturday it was 9, tulips. Then Sunday, 11, dwarf bearded irises. Today it's 21 irises! They are so pretty. I am thinking I may have to do some dividing of them this year, I forget when they're supposed to be split.
I've been spending forever and a day knitting 1 pair of socks. First, I knit the first sock's heel flap too short, and not wide enough for my knitting pal's foot. So, rip it was. Then, I was working on the second sock instead of the first and got that done. Now, I'm onto the foot on the 1st sock again. I promise, I will finish them some day.
I also messed up the vest I am knitting in Berrocco Foliage greens and purples. It's knit from the bottom up and I messed up the increases on the front part. Maybe tomorrow at knitting they can straighten me out. Must be the combined sleep debt. I find that I also have been using the wrong words for things here and there. Like, I will tell DH where Noah's socks are, but I mean his shoes. Kind of frustrating. I just want to speak well! I chalk that up to sleep issues too.
Noah did only wake up 2 times last night- much better than the 3 or 4+ normally.

On Saturday we went to the Green Expo at the State Fairgrounds. DH was chagrined to see me acquire yet another reusable bag (he thinks we have enough, I say we could never have too many) well, I mean 3 more bags. I also bought some Snack Taxis as seen on Oprah as a plastic ziploc style replacement. I haven't used them yet, but I am excited to do so. They are fabric pouches that velcro shut, and can be machine or dishwasher washed. I also ran into a fellow blogger, there with her family.

Surfing the net I found this great book, Sewing Green. It has some patterns for skirts and "snack taxis" as well as slippers all out of repurposed fabrics. I'm pretty excited to make some skirts from the book.

Well, blogging was a welcome respite for writing my Curriculum Vitae. I had to write one to apply for being a provider for an employee assistance program.

In the baby world, we suspect molars are coming through in little Chippy's mouth. I christened him Chippy before he'd chipped his front tooth, but now it's going to stay. He and I now have the same tooth chipped. Poor buddy. We went to the dentist and they said they didn't want to do anything to make him cry. I thought that was a good call, because I was sure I'd cry if they held him down to sand it out. Instead, a nail file was suggested to use at home to smooth it out. I'd thought of that myself, and dismissed it as being too redneck. I did go ahead and gave it a try and it helped a bit. Unfortunately that was not before he "branded me" with his tooth imprint.

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