Wednesday, May 27, 2009

not fully with-it yet

I had just typed up a long post- then cut it from the e-mail program with plans to paste it here. But, instead cut something else, then pasted that, losing all my text.

It must be time for a break-

summed up it said-
I started Liesl, a lace knit sweater last week, then ripped back to a too loose row to fix it, then tried it on and the armholes weren't deep enough, so I ripped out more, then kept ripping and started it over in the wide neck version- knit 10 rows of that and found I'd miscounted, so it's all ripped out again for the 2nd time today.

time to go eat the Lill's bars I made- rice krispie bars with PB and butterscotch and choc. "frosting...

I'll try blogging again some other time...

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