Saturday, June 20, 2009

Love the twisted waistband walking pose

He's really active. So much that at his 9 m appt. (which we went to 4 weeks
ago since we were behind partly because I didn't want to risk exposing him
to swine flu) the nurse weighed him, then left with the scale. She returned
a moment later to reweigh him, since he'd only gained 3 or 4 oz. in the last
few months. Then the dr. proceeded to ask me if he eats alright, and if he
eats solids besides breastfeeding, which he does. Sometimes he eats a ton of
food! So she decided it was since he was such a busy boy that he wasn't
packing on the weight. He's 31 inches long too, so his 24 lbs or so, are
getting well distributed. I have him wear some of his 9 and 12 month pants
and some are nearly falling off at times. Most of his shorts are 18m size,
and way too big.

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