Saturday, June 20, 2009

Party time!

Party time!
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We had an excellent birthday party in our city park's picnic shelter. It
wasn't windy, or rainy, and it was a hot sunny day but we were well shaded
by the trees and shelter roof. The only thing that would have made it better
would be if I had composted the plates since I had special ones. I think
they were called Earthshell, and sturdy as styro counterparts, but made of
corn and plant matter.

Other eco- considerations were:
Cloth Treat bags- with a coloring book, or sticker book, a little boat
squirt toy, and reusable sandwich wraps that I sewed out of a camo canvas

Collected lots of food for the food shelf instead of gifts wrapped in
one-time use paper

Cake baked in ice cream cones instead of wasting cupcake wrappers

Brats and hot dogs that go in buns

Used only plastic forks (which was a slight disappointment to me, I thought
about using all real stuff but didn't have enough)

cloth sheets for tablecloths

Drank out of recyclable cans and bottles

Kids did crafts/art projects using Art Scraps materials

Decorated frames made of mat corners for framing

Made crowns out of big paper and stickers

Planted perennial flowers in planters that were reused meter covers that the
kids decorated

At a park, so it was outdoors in the woods so we didn't use air conditioning
or electricity

I was really amazed how well it went, it was such a great party and

Noah napped for a bit in the car parked by us in the shade, then joined an
hour into the festivities. He especially enjoyed playing in his
personal-sized chocolate cake, playing in the kiddie pool filled with cold
water and ice and cans of pop and bottles of water, and taking the donated
food out of his new Radio Flyer wagon from Grandma and Grandpa (my parents).

Oh, Genevieve came too, and I hooked her up to the wagon and she helped haul
a load up to the picnic shelter. She ran out to the end of the leash and
seemed proud to have a real job.

I plan to take a pic of all the food he "raised" with stats, and I will post
that Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture. We had a nice time at the party Noah! ~e