Sunday, June 10, 2007

Will's foot post sea-urchin

Will's foot post sea-urchin
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Way back in April, of 2007, I know, not so long ago, we were in Hawaii

with Will and CarrieAnn. DH got to know Will at college, Michigan Tech,

and they've been friends ever since. Will married CarrieAnn, and DH

married me, so now all of us know each other. We went to Hawaii with

them for about 10 days. Will's main goal was to go surfing. He both

learned to surf, and stepped on his first sea urchin in Waikiki Beach.

What a souvenir! He had to have the big spine removed via microsurgery

in a small clinic in Waimanalo, and most of the other spikes have been

working their way out on their own. CarrieAnn also went surfing, but

fortunately didn't step on a spiny beast.

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