Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Getting it all laid out

Getting it all laid out
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The biggest part of the project was removing the grass. That part was

really hard work. It took us a few days of work to get that part done.

Then we had to dig a few inches down, I think 4-5 inches, to allow for

three inches of mulch of wood chips. For the plants we went down to the

Farmer's Market and found two different places that sold native plants,

and we cross-checked their suitability on our two lists of rain garden

plants. Two main type of plants are required, super hardy drought and

wet resistant plants that go near the top of the rain source (gutter)

and at the lower point marshy type plants are required.

I was trying to attain a natural kidney-bean shaped planting, and it

turned out to look more like a koala head, or Stitch's head from Lilo

and Stitch. This week I added three coneflower plants along the upper

back to create a little backdrop for the garden. It's been fun to watch

the rain collect and absorb, and the little plants are growing a little

bigger day by day.

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