Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I got a new sewing machine!

I got a new sewing machine!
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On the left is my new Singer machine, on the right is my Aunt's old

Singer machine. Mine is all electronic, and it is wonderful. The fabric

samples demo what all it can do. The coolest things it does are thread

the needle automatically, and it measures buttonhole sizes

automatically to create the perfect fit buttonhole. Oh, it sews on

buttons too. Now I can do some mending and altering that has been

waiting for 1-3 years since my other two sewing machines refused to

work for me.

I did open pant surgery on some coffee print flannel pj pants that I

made a few years ago. Their elastic had worn out elastic. I opened up

the casing and reinstalled new elastic. I also found about four holes

that I was able to mend with the multi-stitch zigzag on my machine.

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