Sunday, May 27, 2007


Why I haven't been blogging...

been knitting-lace leaf socks, an Elizabeth Zimmerman percentage system sweater (raglan-style) of Patons *washable* red tweed yarn, the body is knit to the armhole, and one sleeve is up to my elbow, and swatching for my Aunt's cable Araucania nature Wool Cable cardigan

finishing- the blue sweater- finally done a few wednesdays ago

cleaning- the linen closet with all my bath, body etc. products, let me tell ya' I have a stash full, just where do they all come from?

planting- three kinds of basil, sage, rosemary, oregano, osteospermum, coral bells,

digging- to put a rain garden in our front yard

recovering- from a nasty virus/cold/cough that nearly kicked my butt, I even went to the Dr. to confirm it was a virus

watching- Season one of Gray's Anatomy (I hadn't seen it before), the new version of Pride and Prejudice

drinking- Sierra Mist, tea, water, more tea, more water

researching- cable-system deck railing, oh, the kitchen on this page is quite like ours, even has the same wall paint color the text just kept highlighting so I left it this way

planning- to build a new deck this summer to replace our existing/rotting/too old deck, dog park date with friend and Golden Retriever, Sydney

composting- compostable stuff

exercising- on our new elliptical machine (this one is way better than the last)

working- on paperwork, it never ends

painting- my toenails red

going- to church and Jimmy John's- that was all the energy I had due to aforementioned *virus*

frustrating- that I had to write this post in words instead of pics as I'd planned, due to the fact that my computer e-mail sending program is refusing to send pics to my blog!

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