Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Corgi Masters are four today!

The posts have been few and far between. I mostly finished my blue sweater, it fits pretty well, better than before. I have to sew on the buttons, and do a little knit trim on the sleeve hems, then it will be done. While I was weaving in the tails I was already thinking aboug what sweater to do next.
I am still working on my second sock, but that is nearly done too, just a few inches of the top ribbing left.
This week is the Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool fest. My mom came last year and enjoyed it, and she wanted to go again- so we'll be going to that Sat. Perhaps it will be the best weather for it in the last 2 years that I have gone.
Work is pretty crazy as far as intensity of the people's experiences that I am working with. That is pretty much all I can say, but most of it makes the Dr. Phil show people look like a walk in the park. Especially when Dr. Phil can hook them up with their own therapists, and just follow up on them until he decides to give them a free vacation, or a diamond ring, or whatever. I just work with what I have, and it can be quite stressful. I want my kids to do well!

Last but not least- DH and I are celebrating our four year anniversary. We are going on a Segway tour in St. Anthony. He hurt his ankle Tuesday, so I hope it won't be bothering him much. It looks like a beautiful day. A great day to work for the morning only, and have fun in the afternoon which is what we will be doing.

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