Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shepherd's Harvest Sheep and Wool

Is today! This will be the nicest day that I have seen for the S &W Fest, on the Lake Elmo Fairgrounds. The last two years it has been rainy, and quite mushy and wet in the grass, which is where most of the knitters trample as there are few gravelly paths.

Last night while watching Gray's (what a cliffhanger BTW), I completed sock number 2, just in time for a typical cold sheep day. But it looks quite pleasant out there. Like all socks that I make I feel like they have stretched longer than my foot, the longer I wear them the longer they get. Does that happen to everyone?

My sweater is done, minus the sleeve border, and the buttons. I have to find a suitable button-sewing on acrylic yarn to sew them on to the button band. Then, it will be done. It is wearable now, though. At long last. Next project will be my Aunt's cable cardigan. I have a pattern this time, and I want to sit down my my TI-85 and block out all the measurements on graph paper first, so I can make it best fit my Aunt. She gave me another sweater she likes to use its measurements, but I am trying to encourage her to make it a little more fitted to fit her better.

Well, it is time for me to go, I have to get to the ATM and get spending money for all the yarn and roving I'll buy. I plan to get colors to coordinate with my dogs, and do some type of needle felting of them, whether it is 2d or 3d I am not sure yet.

Oh- the Segways were great, and so were the Anniversary lunch and dinner out. Lunch was at Jax Cafe on their garden patio surrounded in tulips and a small stream, dinner was in a glass-blocked and White cement walled restaurant, JP Bistro. For dessert we had chai tea creme brulee. Yummoliscious is my new word- and it was for sure.


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