Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hi from HI/MN

I am no longer in HI, Hawaii, but I was. But not before I got sick. It was a little bit of a whirlwind trying to get my work done before I left on a Wed. while I was battling a virus. But I did it. It just meant that there wasn't much blogging.

I have been back from HI since a week ago Monday, and it was a great trip. I will have lots of pics to share.

Some highlights:
-visiting Aloha Yarn and meeting Nanea, and getting materials to crochet a lei
-eating at Todai, and eating too much sushi after hiking and doing some swimming to get extra hungry before the huge buffet
-Finding the secluded Polihale Beach in Kauaii by driving down a narrow visciously pot-holed road surrounded by 12ft high sugar cane
-Watching the "Spouting Horn" dragon sounding blowhole shoot water 20 ft up in the air
-Hiking on one of the few active volcanos of the world, Mt. Kilauea, and seeing steam vents surrounding me and feeling the heat of the ground change as we hiked closer and closer to the lava

This is my first full week being back. I did some sock knitting while I was gone, and have been working on sock #2 to match the other toe-up sock. I am not sure if I will like how they feel on my feet, since I am used to cuff-down socks. They might grow on me though once I finish the second one, and can wear the whole pair at the same time.

Also, I am still, yes, still knitting on the blue sweater, it must be invincible to keep surviving all this time and energy. I pinned the first sleeve into the armhole, and it fit great. Then I compared sleeve two to it, and found that sleeve two was 2 inches longer than sleeve one (the one that fit really well). So there was frogging in order, and I ripped back 2 inches before the sleeve decreases, so I could add the 2 st increase that the other sleeve had, and documented all the pattern for the good sleeve. I am either 12 or 16 rows away from the end. Then, I will actually have 2 sleeves to set in, and then sew on the buttons, weave in the tails, and I will have a new sweater, ready early for fall. Next fall that is, or one of these cold evenings.

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