Tuesday, January 24, 2006

one shoulder tunic by teva durham, and corgimom! in patons fresco, in calypso

That's my art in the background. I was studying biology in college, and

working on an art minor simultaneously, and thought the two should

merge in form. One day when I have my own practice, or at least my own

office in which to see clients- I hope to have my brain series framed

and on display there. This is my favorite brain drawing that I did.


- LisaD. said...

Passed the pencil test, did ya? tee-hee.

No really all serious now. You are so very talented Meleah. With the knitting and the art and the brains and the one sexy shoulder. Girl, you've got it goin' on!


beth said...

Great job on the top! I like it:) Now we just need some decent weather for you to wear it outside. Cool brain pic too, is that a lateral view of the cerebellum?

Kelle said...

Okay, I'm only going to show this to you once. This is your brain and this is your brain on the wall. er, something like that. The tank looks great. A work of art. Hey look, fresco in front of a fresco.