Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another quasi- SnB update

And yes- we still call our group Stitch 'N Bitch!!

Today there was charity knitting going on at Einstein Bros bagels. Yum. Sue- arrived early (or should I say on-time), I followed 30 min. later, and Amy and Kelle also followed. Sue's knitting feautured a red chenille scarf which she bound-off and fringed all in one sitting. She has also created 3 or 4 additional charity scarves for college students without families in the Red Scarf Project. Go Sue! Amy was knitting a red and black scarf, and Kelle was knitting a blue tweed-looking yarn. She decided to donate a lovely hat and scarf set with a fair-isle hat, and striped patterned scarf. I finished my one shoulder tunic (I have yet to try it on), and begun my blue/green/yellow/gray variegated mistake rib scarf.

I plan to work hard on knitting it tonight and relaxing following a tiring day of sessions where it seemed "like there must be a storm coming" to use my Mom's words for children when they are hyper as can be, and ultra energetic. It could be cabin fever too, with our bitter gusty cold winds everyone wants to stay cozy and warm.

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