Thursday, March 01, 2007

shapely sweater of my own design

shapely sweater of my own design
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This is our guest room bedspread, with my "blocking rug". The rug is textured and from IKEA. I will have to see if blocking on a textured surface alters my knits in any way. Has anyone done this before?

My sweater and Noro kureyon Mistake rib scarf are blocking here. The scarf used to be pretty short. I would fold it in half and loop the two ends through around my neck, and it would end at the top of my chest. Now it is probably about a third longer, and super soft. I washed it in Eucalan after I subjected it to some smelly environments without thinking ahead. Oops. I am quite happy with how my sweater is turning out too. I better be happy with it for all the frogging and tinking it has received thus far. It will have buttons to go with the buttonholes, once I can find some more of the same design I picked out, and another button band for the buttons to be sewn onto. I was just going to leave it as is, with just the one button band, but it didn't look balanced enough. Also, my collar trim looks like it ended too soon on the right side, and needs to be extended. I might thicken the other button band too, it looks kind of narrow in the pic.

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