Tuesday, March 13, 2007

not enough time in the day for just plain fun

There haven't been many posts lately because I have been busy. Busy with all kinds of things like shopping for a new bed and mattress, repainting the bedroom since the nearly four years ago paint job, working, knitting, working. Did I say working? Too much of that has been going on.

So much that I can barely find enough time to recharge my own living batteries for the following day. I have the ritual down. I come home, and plug in my MDA (my Mega Data Assistant is what I call it, to others, it is a smart phone), then I hunt down my Blue Tooth, and once I find it, I plug that in too. I might get a chance to check my e-mail in the day for a few moments, or like tonight I check it when everything else is taken care of. I also find my RAZR phone, and plug that in to get ready for the next day.

I try not to think about my next day's appointments, or worse yet all the appts. I have had lately. I try to think about my dogs, my family of DH and my dogs, knitting, playing my piano, exercising when I have energy/time, and sometimes reading or doing the pre-bed word search. I know, it really gets me ready for bed to hunt and find words, and cuddle with my fam'.

Then, I go to the "Cloud." I believe DH coined this term for our new ultra luscious, I just can't get enough of it mattress. Fittingly enough, we have become Care Bears, because we sleep on a cloud. As Care Bears, we have continued to use our alarm clocks, and have familiarized ourselves with "snooze" quite well. I hit it a few times before rising from the cloud to greet or survive the coming day.

It is almost time to go to the Cloud, but before I go I have a few short little knitting-related snippets.

I am once again knitting on my blue will-I-ever-get-this-done sweater sleeve. One sleeve is done, the second is about an eighth done. I also have now hunted down all the necessary buttons for it. This process took a few weeks, as I had to go to two different JoAnn Etc. stores.

I also resumed knitting on a baby sweater for a baby that was born in September. Fortunately she is one of those long babies- but not very wide. It will still fit here when it gets done. It's a seamless baby sweater and I have completed all but one and a half sleeves and sewing on its buttons.

Lastly, I must say thanks to Shelly for availing me of her time last Friday,to her daughters for sharing their mom with me long enough to teach me how to correctly cast on for Shelly's toe-up socks, and how to seam in half mattress half Kitchener, a skill I will use when I get my second blue sleeve done.

Pics will follow, I promise. I took a bunch on Saturday, then busyness took over, and I'd rather visit my Cloud than do all the work to upload them.

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