Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy feet, happy treat

Happy feet, happy treat
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I know some people really didn't like this movie, but I really enjoyed

most of it. It made me think about kids that I work with who are

different than others, especially kids with ADHD as Mumble the penguin

had some very energized feet. It made me see the beauty and the

purposes of differences between one person and another. Granted, it

felt like it tried to make too many statements which left me somewhat

confused about the director's intent, but overall I appreciated the


Dh will attest to my positive movie-going experience with this flick. I

rarely discuss movies right after seeing them, as I need time to

process my thoughts.

So, the pic here is a happy moment of a Saturday morning when I opened

my last box of Happy Feet specially marked cereal and found that I had

gotten the singing amigos. I put my toys together to form this train.

Those amigos actually sing, too.

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