Thursday, March 01, 2007

I love a good espresso drink

But I most always say "no" to the whipped cream ( this is an interesting scientific link I found on the electron micrographic image of whipped cream, but a bit graphic) offered on such drinks. These drinks are usually high in sugar and calories, and at times, on good days, I try to be a little healthy, so I usually order the smallest size. I figure I can save a little money, and ingest a few less grams of sugar this way than if I'd ordered the medium (which my best friend says I should always do, it makes the drink more worth it she says).

I also say no to whipped cream when I am having a good day. On a bad day, pile it on, its a coping mechanism of mine. I usually have an espresso drink on Wed. at SnB. About 90% of the time it does not have whip cream, since I've only worked a little by then, and haven't really had a bad time, yet.

So I should have known I was asking for trouble when I said "yes" last Wednesday to whipped cream on my Dunn Bros. caramel latte macchiato. Oops.

After I drank my medium sized whipped cream topped drink I began having a baddish day. It wasn't entirely bad, but it was certainly chaotic, and not without its challenges. That day I had talked with Beth of Beth's blue room blog and she was telling me about how her little daughter takes deep breaths while upset. I was so impressed that she had learned this skill at such a young age. I found myself taking many, many deep breaths on Wed. , all post- whip cream. There were lots of crazy drivers on the road, ( here are some road rage tips and info from psychologists) and I found myself creating an operatic song with lyrics to like "don't merge till it's too late, that it's the best time to merge", and "don't worry about being a stinker- go ahead, and don't use your blinker." "You know they'll call you bad names, it's true, they always do (call you bad names)." It was actually an amusing way to handle the infuriating driving time I had that day.

So there were countless deep breaths, as cars merged past their lane lines into spaces too small for them. There were other times were out of state cars puttered along in the slow lanes, while semis merged on in small spaces at approx. 80 mph. It was a super fun day. Sarcasm detected.

I really do blame the whip cream. It must have been my subconscious, or my intuition, that told me to use my coping mechanism prematurely- to enjoy the whipped cream before I earned it. Oh, did I mention there were work crises too?

And just the day before I had driven about 135 miles, and had a severe leg cramp in my right knee. The driving was painful on the way home, and I found myself wondering if I'd get pulled over for speeding as I tried to speed up my long drive home. At a stop light near the end of my drive I was alongside a cop car with a K9. I tried to stare in the back to see it, but the sky was dark and the roads were tinted. I was a little disappointed. I figured if it pulled me over for speeding I could at least see it, and by the end of my day I thought it would be fun. But I didn't get a look at it, not even a peek. Disappointment.

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