Sunday, September 10, 2006

a little story

a little story
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The first time I was at the store, there was another lady doing her

birthday shopping. I saw this felted bag on display and wanted to get

the pattern. I inquired as to where I could find it in the store. There

was only one copy, and it was in the hand of the birthday lady. The

Birthday lady was very generous, and offered it to me, since I was from

"out of town" and it could be my souvenir. She offered to just stop by

the store later, when more copies were re-ordered. I couldn't bear to

have the birthday lady give up her copy of the pattern, so I told her

to take it instead. Tonight I bought the pattern for the purse- I just

waited a little while- since June- and now it is mine.

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jaci said...

I am that birthday lady!! I am glad that I found your blog. I was at "the Dog" yesterday and the guy that makes the Dutch treat needles was there. Dixie showed us your blog about the needles. I am glad that you got the pattern. It was very nice of you to wait three months. I was not able to make the Yarn Harlot as we were out of town. Glad you had a good time.