Tuesday, September 12, 2006

about the yarn harlot escapade...

Wow- everyone else has a well-developed narrative about the yarn harlot, but I. I just had a lot of pics. Perhaps I should offer my perspective as well, it is only fair as I am a blogger.

So on a cold, dreary fall day we gathered into Roxanne's Magic van. It is magic because she is a magical driver who can drive through darkness while all throughout her van the dome lights were on, to accomodate us insatiable knitters. We, who knit from our respective places in MN, all the way to Eau Claire, and then back again in the night.

The funny thing is that Shelly was trying to find her booklight to knit with by the light of her Sidekick, in the depths of her knitting bag. She found it just before Roxanne, our magic driver, proclaimed her permission granting us the use of all the van lights. Hooray for all day all night knitting. It was like an SnB that was a day long, with a comedy club about knitting show wrapped all into one, plus, a knitting celebrity- Stephanie Pearl McPhee- signing autographs.

The other funny thing was this- The Yarn Harlot asked "didn't I put a comment on your blog recently, I remember one on a blog of a person with two corgis." Not wanting to embarrass myself by not noticing the Yarn Harlot (though how could I miss a comment from her?!?) thinking she had commented on my blog (which would be big-time for any knitblogger) I did what I do when (a) either I don't understand someone, (b) am in a different country with a different language than my country of origin, (c) both. I smiled and nodded. I don't remember expressing any sincere gratitude from her assumption that she graced my blog with her comment, but I remember smiling and nodding.

Being the obsessive researcher that I am I had to google this elusive comment. This is what I found... I did not receive a comment from the Yarn Harlot. Alas, maybe some other day.

If you would like to read further on regarding the Eau Claire trip, please visit Tipper, Shelly, Stephania, Kelle, or Roxanne (who is blogless).


Tipper said...

It is also fun to Google, "Yarn Harlot Eau Claire" and see our feet in strangers' blogs!

moirae said...

That's funny. There were an awful lot of flashing cameras.

stephanie said...

Crap. I really did think I left you a comment. Tours must mess with my memory!