Monday, September 18, 2006

anything but work, please!

I did a bunch of paperwork on Saturday so that I would have less for today. It took F-o-r-e-v-e-r. Ordinarily I would do it Monday morning, and try to get it all done before my first client of the day appt., but I wanted to complete it. I did finish it all then, but now, I still have some more other paperwork to do, before tomorrow morning.

I want to do anything but that. You will notice my procrastination skills in the form of adding many, many more blogs to my "blogs I read" list on the right sidebar of my blog. It was time. I was lying and fooling many of you into thinking I read a small handful of blogs on a regular basis. Well now my secret is into the light, and out of the dark. There are a lot of blogs I "tend" to.

Today- I worked and went to 2 Yarn shops. All About Yarn in Coon Rapids, and Borealis Yarns in St. Paul. At the first I was amazed by the prettiness of the store, the variety of examples that were knit up, and the selection. I only had about 10 minutes to spend there, but still did not make it out empty-handed. I purchased "Sherbet Socks" a Shelly Kang original sock pattern using Cascade Fixation yarn. I was so happy to see this pattern- as I have been stumped by what to do with the Fixation yarn I bought last winter for a pair of lace-ish socks for my best friend, Elzbieta. Wow- how did I go through the world so long without knowing about this pattern?!? And to think it was written by one of my blogging friends!

Later on in the day, I deliberated about visiting Borealis. Then, decided to take the leap, and was pleased to encounter harldly any rush-hour traffic, and 2 successful purchases. I was desperate for another size 6 circ needle- it seems like everything I am knitting aside from socks needs a size 6, and I bought some size 3 dpn's to use with my fixation yarn and my new sock pattern.

I was busy swatching again for my noro-gloria-whatever it will be- sweater with the 6's. The gauge is looking good, tighter and better.

I really should go do my work now- I am stalling while our Windows PC boots up, while using our Mac. It has been booted up for a few minutes now. Oops.

If I get time I will tell you about my very scary bookshelf story- that gives me a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it- Shivers...


Knittymama said...

Thanks for the pattern tip! I have a bunch of Fixation just collecting dust because I wasn't sure what to do with it.

Kelly said...

The Very Scary Bookshelf Story sounds like a good Halloween tale to me :)

Kelly said...
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