Sunday, September 10, 2006


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On June 3rd, I was at Yellow Dog Knits, and was sad that I had

forgotten my digital camera. I told the store owner that I had

forgotten it, and she said (while extending her digital camera

embellished with a "you'll never lose me-tassel") "here, use mine, and

I will e-mail the pictures to you." Wow! Sweet I thought, and she kept

her end of the bargain and e-mailed the pics to me. When I received

them via e-mail I was very excited- but technologically challenged. I

did not know what to do to get them on my blog. Enter DH- he tutored me

through the whole save as a download to IPhoto, up to this point, where

I knew what to do. So here they are- very delayed, but present

nonetheless pics of Eau Claire's crowning jewel, "Yellow Dog Knitting.


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Kelly said...

Awww, June 3 was a good day in "The Eau C." Glad you found the Yellow Dog then :-)