Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tank's first day out...

Today at SnB I shed my Michael Kors argyle sweater vest to put on my freshly knit tank top. It fits really well! I was quite excited that it fit well plus there were no errors in the pattern.

I have to give a few shout outs to SNB'ers. Ok, click on that link in the last sentence for the Urban Dictionary webpage. We gave my brother-in-law slang flashcards since my brother had some and he liked them so much, but this is an actual online urban dictionary. I suppose your could make your own at home!

Thanks Lisa for returning my mint plant in such abundant health! I will have to loan it to you more often!

Thanks to Connie for sharing her home-made pumpkin empanadas for our multicultural Dia de Los Muertes celebration.

Thanks to my favorite knitting wizardess, Kelle, for the kind apprenticeship and tutelage this afternoon. It is because of your great knitting wisdom that I was able to thoughtfully select the cast on for my next big project.

Which is where I will end today- I started some type of cable cast-on for my project- nope, didn't like it. Then, I started the long-tail cast-on, too boring, but alas, the crochet cast-on was just right, so goldilocks drank all the porridge. Is that how that story goes? I think I am mixing up the three little pigs with the three little bears, or something like that.

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Kelly said...

*Crazy Spanish Teacher Alert* I want to hear more about the very early observation of Día de los muertos :)