Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Speaking of tails...buster has a boo-boo

We believe Buster chased his tail too much. We had to bring him to the

vet. They shaved the tip of his tail, gave us lots of drugs to give

him, and sent us home with an Elizabethan collar/party hat/lampshade,

whatever you want to call it. It was not big enough, and Buster spent

all night after the vet chasing and sometimes reaching his tail. The

next morning I had to go to my work meeting late, as I had to make an

urgent trip to a more local vet to get a bigger E-collar. The size I

came home with was "the one the Great Danes wear" said the vet tech.

Little medium corgi Buster in the Great Dane E-collar, poor boy. We are

hoping and praying hard for happy tail news, and quick healing. Buster

is more than ready to get that awful collar off.

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renee said...

I'm so sorry about Buster! Poor little doggie. I hope he's out of the collar very soon.

The cabin you went to looks lovely and relaxing - I haven't been to a cabin in a couple of years and I miss that!