Friday, August 04, 2006

bunnies and weekends

It's Friday!

I tried to sleep in a bit, till 7:30 would have been fine, or 8 even better, but the dogs would not settle down! They were barking, and barking, excited to help DH leave for work. I was only able to set up one appt. today- due to summer scheduling. So, I thought, I will sleep in a bit, and then do paperwork.

This weekend we will be in WI for the annual DH's parents' weekend- Troy was up late last night baking a surprise for them while I knit on a commissioned project. The project is called a bunny blanket buddy, and uses Lion Brand Velvetspun. The yarn is really soft but does not have any stretch to it, making it a bit tiring on the hands to knit. I began this a few weeks ago, and in the course of last night, DH had an hour and 22 min. long haircut at the Scot Lewis training salon, while I knit in the waiting section. I didn't know what had happened back there with the haircut- had they messed up really bad and had to fix it? Did my husband disappear? After I had doubled the size of the knitted part DH was returned to me, with nice producty "up" hair.

Back to the morning- I packed my bag for the weekend already, so that's set. Now our dogs are quiet and calm, and relaxed, now that mommy is awake. I suppose I should do my work now.

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