Friday, October 06, 2006

the three little kittens have lost their mittens...

and gotten new ones from their friendly new owners! Yes- that is right- New ownership at the Three Kittens!!!!I took a pic of the sign because this news was nearly too good to be true. The challenge of this is that I will have to budget more carefully, as this store is WAY TOO CLOSE to my house for monetary safety- and with new owners comes some new policies. Knitter friendly policies to be exact. I can now go there freely and not have a credit card use spending limit. The previous store required a 20+ dollar purchase when using credit cards. Now don't worry, I am not about to flip and individually charge those little stitch holders one by one on my credit card, or make ridiculously small amounts of purchases just cause I can. But let's just say the store owners might get to know me on a first name basis.

the changeover came just in time for the crawl- in fact the switch happened at the start of this week. For those of you muggles (non-knitters what are you doing reading my blog? This is a knitting blog, for knitters! ) , The crawl is like a mini-olympic knitting event where groupies flock to participating yarn stores to get stamps on their treasure map, by answering clues, and get treasure treats along the way. Like prize drawings, and little silver knitting related charms for a funky un-screwable safety pin.

The fun times began this morning for me as I had the luxury of scheduling my day around the 7 yarn shops on the 'crawl. I began at 11:30 at Amazing Threads. There I was greeted by two female pirates.

Later in my day I drove past the Yarnery- to work- then back, to Grand Avenue. Along the way I picked up a paint chip at Restoration Hardware, bought new fabulous running shoes, and stopped at the Yarnery. Yay- another stamp and another drawing!

Then, off to Three Kittens Needle Arts. No longer the yarn shop with 2 p's and an e at the end. Coolness. I was really hungry and my brain was about to shut down to the point that I knew I could not make any decisions- shopping wise- but waited about 13 min as a drawing for prizes was about to happen. Good thing I waited, 'cause I won the drawing of the hour. Sweet!

I was mulling over a purchase that I have meant to do for awhile, buy 5 skeins of Berrocco's Foliage for a funky sweater vest, but could not make any color decisions on an empty stomach.
I was cognizant enough to read the good news sign and snap a pic of it though.

Tomorrow I have a long all morning work meeting- then I will visit the other stores on the map in the afternoon. I must say that the stores are sure spaced out away from each other. It's like a few mini road trips to make the map full.


Confessions of a Knitting Diva said...

Four of my friends were able to go on the yarn shop tour this weekend, I had to tell them that I was very jealous. My hubby went to Madison for the Badger game and onto Green Bay for the Packer game tomorrow, so I was home today. Glad you had fun!

renee said...

I'm in the same boat as you - I'm really excited about the new ownership, but a little bit worried about having another yarn shop that I'll actually go to so close to home!