Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Knitting and returns

Remember that post of a pic of my impulse purchase. It was post dentist and it wasn't yarn. I took a pic of some beads that I was going to turn into jewelry. I had a vision for the jewelery too, and it was going to be cool and trendy.

Yesterday after carrying the beads and things around in my car for a few weeks I decided to return the items at Michaels. I looked all over the place for my receipt, my car, all the tables in our house, my purse, my knitting bag, etc., and looked in these places several times just in case I had overlooked it the first 3 times I was hunting. I could not find the receipt anywhere. I could find every other receipt for everything else I had bought, but not that one receipt. So I returned it all and got store credit. I really needed credit card credit- since I had already bought YARN the week before, while I planned to return the beads.

This morning, I was poking around through another of my bins of stuff for my traveling office, and there it was. A Michaels receipt folded in half the long way, with the Michaels logo facing outward- all the items were listed. Unbelievable. The only place I didn't look was the right place to find it. Since I hadn't had the receipt the previous day I had gotten less than full price for some of the items due to them being on sale. So, to Michaels I went. And I was pleased with the service as the sales lady kindly put up with me, and I have now been credited back to my account so I can keep the yarn I bought already.


I indulged in a trip to the Three Kittens Needle Arts, just barely a week after the Shop Hop. I went there originally for baby yarn for a boy baby sweater for an upcoming baby shower gift, and came out of there with more. I purchased the yarn for a wild and crazy sweater vest out of Berrocco Foliage yarn, the color named "Russian Sage" which is ironic because I have Russian Sage, or salvia, growing in my garden. The pattern is free online, and another knitting friend of mine made it, and I kind of thought it was over the top, too wild for me. I wear lots of wild colors, often at the same time, and for me to make this statement seems kind of uncharacteristic. But I thought this vest was too crazy. I bought the yarn for it now as it has grown on me.

When I was little I used to lament the evils of the color pink, socks with ruffles on them, and sweater vests. A few years ago after many years of shunning the color pink in any form, I gave in. It was popular that season, and there were some newer shades of vibrant pink. Now I have much more pink in my closet than ever before, except for the time I was really little and Mommy did my shopping. Along with pink, I thought ruffled socks were just plain wrong. Now I often wear patterned socks, with fall leaves, black cats, silver reindeer, and knitted patterns on them, but I do not own any ruffle-top socks.

This brings me to the sweater vests issue. I thought they were pretty awful when I was little, but old enough to have an opinion. I wore a red one with a school bus, and some of the alphabet on it for my first grade pictures. It was my jack o' lantern look, as I was without my two front teeth too. The night before picture day I remember my mom telling me "don't lose those two front teeth before picture day tomorrow, or you will have a funny picture." Gues what happened? I don't remember when but sometime between then and picture day I lost both of those front teeth. So I smiled toothlessly wearing my red sweater vest with a white collared shirt. And now, after some time, I am planning to knit one. Go figure.

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