Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marshmallow fondant, a cake for elzbieta

I wanted to make a fondant-ed cake for my friend's big b-day. I went to
walmart and saw ready-made fondue from Wilton cake decorating. I read the
ingredients. It horrified me to see that glycerin was listed amidst many
other weird non-edible sounding things.
I put that package back and went online to read for a fondant recipe. I
found many but also read that many people think fondant tastes rather
inedible. Well, that sounded unpleasant. Then, I came across marshmallow
fondant. I picked a recipe and made it 2 days in advance so that it could
"set". It was made of tons of powdered sugar, marshmallows, and a little
water and vanilla extract. It tasted like a gourmet Peep easter candy. My
friend loved her daisy mmfondant cake, and I enjoyed some too.


Anonymous said...

It was beautiful and delicious! ~e

Cher said...

Sounds delicious. What recipe did you use?