Thursday, March 11, 2010


We've been exiling ourselves to various places- though the bathroom project just began on Monday. Our neighbors are already wondering where we are.
Monday- demolition day- Tuesday, tile removal and electrician came to get some wiring up, wed. and today insulation with some special high-tech rf 15 insulation made of recycled steel and volcanic rock. I've been told it's virtually fire-proof. Our contractor was really excited to get to use this special material for the first time in our bathroom. He saw it at a trade show where there was a blow torch blazing on it all day and it didn't burn. Cool, I thought.
Today, was an inspection of some sort, and the hole was cut for our skylight which is round and will be located above my new air jet tub (which is at home in a box on the landing). Yes, a skylight. And a heater/vent/fan/nightlight to replace the lack of bathroom fan. I am so excited to add additional heat to the bathroom and extra lighting. It should be amazing. I just have to be patient.

Right now there's just a toilet in the bathroom, and I filled an ice cream pail with water and set a towel with some rosemary goat soap next to it, atop the air tub box in our hallway. It actually works well enough for the middle of the night when I don't want to walk downstairs to the kitchen sink wash my hands.

Pregnancy wise- I am 30 weeks along, blood pressure is great, and everything else is tracking along just fine. I'm big enough, that's for sure, and I just keep on growing.

Noah is as intrigued with the bathroom project as we are. He likes to go upstairs and we hold him and give him a chance to look around.

Tomorrow some extra talented friends of ours are tackling the plumbing. Fantastic. Perhaps my tub will see the light of day soon instead of the darkness of the box.

Knitting wise- I am trying to finish a second sock that is lime and pin

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