Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was reading over at a fav. blog of mine, where Faith, a mommy of four posted a love letter/birthday note to her youngest son and was inspired.

DH set up an e-mail account for Noah when he was born so we could start filling his inbox with love letters or silly memories of him. One day he can read them and remember himself as we remember him.

Until then, I thought I would share the most recent one I sent.

HI little Bug,

You are so sweet and cute, the way you snuggle up to me and pat my back as I hold you. Or you find my ears with both your hands and your eyes. Or you find my nose and point to it, telling me what it is as if I don't know.

We play fun games in the car, I say words you know, then you repeat them back. Last night we kept going and going, bread, milk, a ball- since you never just say "ball", waffle, buffalo, owl, hawk, dog, water, magazine, please, juice, happy, birthday, you tried to say anniversary too, that was cute.

Today you learned how to say "please" when you were asking or shall I say begging for more yummy scone at Cafe Latte. You learned to say "magazine" too when you wanted us to know that you wanted to read about the spa tubs that we were shopping around for. We'd just visited a bathroom showroom place where you happily entertained yourself by lifting the lids of all the toilets, as if you were expecting to see something different in the next one you lifted. You also managed to "drop" the color chart for something in a filled whirlpool. DH managed to forget to take it out. Perhaps it's still bathing.

Now you are awake, it's 9:24am on the Sunday after my surprise 30th bday party- we went to church at 4:30 yesterday and I am e-mailing you while you happily chatter in your crib, and bark and talk.

It sounds like you are saying "walk" now so perhaps I should let you out of your crib and let you get on with your busy day!

you make my heart melt, I love you,


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