Monday, December 15, 2008

responding to requests

Seems like there are a lot of demands on my time now. Genevieve had her ACL repaired last Tuesday and can only go outside on a leash, and accompanied by someone. In the day, that person is me. What a time of the year to need this kind of help, when it's freakishly cold out. Buster, has been conveniently relocated next door. Our neighbors are watching him for a few weeks to allow Gen a chance to recover. Last week DH and I were sick with a nasty virus, and are well now.

I'm working on Christmas knitting, and other Christmas related projects in the meantime. Also have been playing Little Big Planet on Dh's PS3. And of course, taking care of Noah!

I've been told to update my blog, so here it is. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas in case I don't update again till later!

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