Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost 6m old

Almost 6m old
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This was taken on Saturday, he's been working really hard at sitting up. He
would fall asleep in a nap and suddenly try to push himself into a sitting
position by arching his back and lifting himself up.

We, meanwhhile, have been working hard at getting him out of the king-sized
bed. For whatever reason, he seems to prefer our bed. It's like goldilocks
and the 3 bears, who's been sleeping in my/our bed? Noah has. First, it was
because we would fall asleep and he'd stay longer then expected. Then, he
had a nasty cold that seemed to abate only in our bed, and to worsen
suddenly causing all kinds of congestion, while in his crib. Then, DH and
baby fell down the steps together (no one was seriously hurt, Thanks God),
and we were told to sleep in the same room as him for 2 nights to keep an
eye on him. So he had a 2 night free pass. And so on. Last night I tried for
over 3 hours to get him to sleep in his crib, and he ended up back in our
bed. Oh well.

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Rebecca said...

What a cutie! Audrey did the same thing to us at about the same age. I tried not to stress about it, and she eventually did sleep in her crib.