Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coping skills yarn

Coping skills yarn
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Last week I nearly gave up on completing all this really important paperwork
towards my licensure. I need one more set of paperwork from a supervisor-
and it was proving almost impossible to get ahold of him/it. I drove to S
Mpls, then Eagan, and back and forth between the 2 Argosy buildings- and
finally located him 2 min before his class started- and about 1 min before I
was ready to collapse in a fit of tears and desperation, and by this point a
few expletives. Then, from Eagan to Mpls again, this time a different part
of it, and turned the paperwork in 1 hour before my extended deadline. Way
too much stress for me!
In turn, I decided I needed to pull out "the big guns" of my coping skills-
this was no time for "going to my happy place" or deep breathing, or
redirection with calming music, or even chatting with a friend. It was time
to self-indulge with luxury yarn. So I went to Borealis Yarn on my way home,
and my eyes locked onto this yummy skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. This
wasn't a day for Online, or Regia, either, it had to be one of the more
expensive yarns (or my coping skill wouldn't have worked quite so well). So
these were the 2 skeins that made their way home with me. The Trekking
Bamboo is for socks from the Interweave Socks book I got for Christmas from
my bro- I finally was able to buy solid colored sock yarn to show off lacey
patterns, and the other is for an undecided pair of socks. When I came home
from the store I was much happier, albeit too tired to do much but hold and
oggle my yarn. But at least my paperwork was in.
This week I am supposed to find out when next month I will be taking this
big oral test- it should be mid-month of May- pre-baby.

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