Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby's nursery

Baby's nursery
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Dh and I were working on this on Tuesday night. I have to say a big thank
you to my Aunt, Uncle, and Mom who painted the room and steam-cleaned the
carpet in there. We are getting more and more excited!

While I was decorating the nursery and Genevieve was wandering out probably
thinking we are designing a room for her, I couldn't help but reflect on
what a wild concept it is to have a baby. It grows in your belly for so
long, then comes out, and is then a permanent part of your family and life.
All we were doing was preparing a room, just like when we have company- but
we were preparing it for our very own child. Amazing!

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Kelle said...

It's is amazing. I like the baby bedding you chose. If you haven't already, I would recommend that you wash all the bedding and baby clothes using a baby detergent before using anything new. I still do this with any new sheets or towels or blankets that I buy to get the sizing and processing finishes out of the fabric.