Wednesday, August 01, 2007

freaky Wednesday

In you live under a rock, which none of you must do, 'cause you are reading a blog now, the 35W bridge by University Avenue collapsed today. I was in a session nearby and heard numerous sirens and wondered what was going on. I wasn't exactly looking forward to going to my car post-session and checking things out.

I first learned what happened when I heard a voicemail from my mom, calling my cell to see if I had made it home ok. I hadn't, because I was still en route. I drove on Washington Ave near 35W and was diverted in the opposite direction of home. That made for a fun, though not too busy ride (since I was on all back roads from that point on).

Well, I am fine, but a bit uneasy and shook up. I am an overly sensitive person and I instantly felt as though my heart was really heavy and sad, for the loss of lives, and the trauma of the bridge collapsing.

I am looking for a way to help out, but I haven't decided how yet.

For now I will just knit on, and pray for peace and comfort for those affected by this tragedy.

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