Thursday, January 31, 2008

the knitting nesting bug

As I workout on the elliptical I face my yarn store wall. It beckons me each and every day, come hither, and I will once again enchant you with my awesome powers. "What will you make with me?" begs a colorful handpainted sock yarn. "Or with me?" cries a solid worsted wool. "Surely I deserve to be destined for greatness!" shouts the yarn nestled in a felted buttonhole bag, waiting somewhat patiently. Yarn that will become Dh's next sweater, most likely IK's Cobblestone Pullover, but only after the IK's Tilted Duster is completed.

And then, whispers quietly, the stowed away, and abandoned UFO's, "what about me?"

But recently life has been rebirthed into some few lucky UFO's, the magic fairy wand of knitting has graced their presence. Springing to life have been a new hat for DH from "start to finish" ala Rachael Ray's 30 min meals, in addition to a new hat for Hollywood and a scarf too in progress, a completed Seafoam lace Cherry Tree Hill Supersock merino scarf for my mom, and the tails have once again been woven into my bulky green Knitting Pure and Simple Weekend pullover. This one saw a lengthening in the arms, followed by a lengthening in the body such that as much yarn as could be used, was indeed used in the knitting on of its bottom hem. And today this cozy sweater will hug my pregnant body, keeping both I and baby BOY?GIRL toasty warm.

Indeed today, it may come to pass, Lord and baby-willing that my 20w5 day baby will have its gender unveiled for us to see. Pray this happens at 2 pm today! Until then I will keep knitting on, ellipticalling strong, and using Microsoft Word to update my private practice documents.

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