Tuesday, July 31, 2007

yes, I'm still here

Brief little run-down.
I walked in the Relay for Life with my Knitter friends
I was baptized in the lake
We are still building a deck, it's half done
Most of the rain garden plants are growing big, the others seem to be on pause, for who knows what
I've been knitting my Aunt's sweater, the back and pockets are done
Also knitting an EZ Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless sweater, sleeves are done, need to join them to the sweater body
Hedgie is all knit up, but not felted, he is 12 inches long and 14 inches wide
I am up too late now because I ate some yummy Chocolove dark chocolate with raspberries when I should have been eating my dinner, because we were working on the deck till 9ish
whenceupon we heated up super yummy cheesy artichoke tortelloni
I ran into a friend at the yarn store, whom I had seriously wondered if she'd fallen off the face of the planet- she almost had
did I say it was bedtime? Well, I'm pokey.

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